Foundation Founders

Paying tribute to their activism, determination & vision.

Since 1982, LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, formerly LEXINGTON FOUNDATION, INC. and before that, DAWSON COUNTY FOUNDATION, INC, has managed a family of funds, both large and small, promoting local philanthropy. 

These are the individuals that started it all. They had the expertise and foresight to create this organization that would serve the broad-based mission of using philanthropy to improve the lives of all that live in our community. By any measure, the Foundation has been successful. 

These leaders navigated this organization toward developing relationships with donors, board members, professional advisors and a regional network of non-profits. Over the years, the Foundation has grown and expanded, yet the essence of that original mission has been unwavering in its commitment to serving others. We have used all of the resources available to us to accomplish great things. 

We look forward to serving future generations and having an even greater impact in this place we call home. 

"Generations that we will never see will have needs we could never possibly anticipate. But the Foundation that you have started will still be here, helping others, just as others have helped us."

-Ed Bennett, 13th Annual Foundation Gala

Master of Ceremonies, October 2000


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