Sara Rickertsen Special Needs Grant Program

Sara Rickertsen is an intellectually disabled adult who is non-verbal and has a seizure disorder. A few months after she was born, the family realized Sara had developmental delays. She began seeing physical, occupational, and speech therapists at the age of nine months. She attended special education classes from the age of three until she was twenty-one, and she now goes to South Central Developmental Services in Cozad. Sara resides at a group home in Lexington. 

Even though she is non-verbal, Sara has her own way of communicating. Despite her disability, Sara has learned and accomplished many skills thanks to her educators and therapists. 

Sara's family has established the Sarah Rickertsen Special Needs Grant Program in her honor. It is the family's wish to better enable others to continue helping those with disabilities live fulfilling lives. Lexington Community Foundation  will administer the fund which will award $1,000 annually to charitable projects that answer the needs of persons living with disability in the Lexington area. The number of grants awarded will be determined by the number of qualified applications received. 

The grant applicant must be an organization directly involved in working with physically and mentally handicapped individuals. Organizations run by parents of children with disabilities are supported by the grant fund and are encouraged to apply. 

Eligible projects may include ones that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities by promoting health, social and economic inclusion, access to educations, professional training, employment, sport, culture and leisure activities. Lexington Community Foundation accepts grant applications any time throughout the year. 

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