Planned Giving Society Membership Directory

Once our wealth leaves the community, it is gone forever.

Once our wealth is endowed in our community, it is here forever.

The time to act is now.

The opportunity will never be greater!

Please consider a future gift intention to the Lexington Community Foundation in your planning. The impact would make a world of difference. You will become a member of the Planned Giving Society when you inform the Foundation of your charitable intentions.

To learn more about a few of our Planned Giving Society members, please click on their names.

Anonymous Donor

Sue Batie

Steven Heldt

"I have trust that the LCF will continue in its leadership role in the development of our community." - Steve Heldt

Mike Jeffrey

"The Foundation takes care of everything." - Mike Jeffrey

Patricia Luse 

"What Dawson County needs now may not be what they will need in the future." - Tricia Luse

Tod & Michele McKeone 

"We understand the importance of investing in the future of Lexington." - Tod McKeone

William & Meredith Orthman

"The Planned Giving Society is an excellent way to show a commitment to the future of our community." - William and Meredith Orthman

Roberts Charitable Trust

Donna Soflin

"Truly, the Lexington area is so very fortunate to have a Foundation so efficient and dedicated to embracing community improvement in so many ways!" - Donna Soflin

David & Peggy Stenberg

"By joining together in The Planned Giving Society, we can strengthen the Lexington community well beyond our lifetime." - Dave & Peggy Stenberg

Seacrest Family Legacy Fund

Brad & Jill Williams

Special Thank You to this Year's Event Sponsors