It's a Great Life with Good People

Mitch and Jackie Berke moved back to the Lexington area in 1991 with their four children, Michaela, Joe, Moly, and Patrick. At the time, they had no idea the impact the Lexington Community Foundation would have on their lives. Jackie ended her tenure as the Foundation Executive Director in June of 2023, and, as a family, they chose to give a planned gift to the Foundation as part of their estate plan. Looking back on Jackie's time at the Foundation with past and present LCF Board members, both Mitch and Jackie fondly remember the milestones and growth of the Foundation during those 25 years. 

Both Mitch and Jackie grew up in families that taught them the values of giving and helping others in the community. They quickly realized that great things could happen when others connect a purpose to their gifts. Lexington has many success stories. Creating understanding, they've also passed their giving spirit along to their children, who have all supported the Foundation in many ways

In working with donors for many successful local projects, Jackie took the stand, "Why no Lexington?" The Foundation has impacted this community more than we may ever know. Changing attitudes was a big part of that success. Generations to come will benefit for years from the small and large gifts that have been made.

Jackie had a knack for putting the right people around the table, and the family is proud of the Foundation's accomplishments. "My day-to-day may lighten up, but we will always be involved (with the Foundation)," Jackie explained when asked how the Foundation would continue to shape her future. 

Foundation President Mike Maloley summed up the conversations by stating, "From the outside looking in, people don't know what Lexington is" Promptly, Jackie agreed. For many of us, Lexington is home. Let's make it the best it can be. 

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