Student Scholarships

Generous donors to the Lexington Community Foundation have established more than $850,000 in scholarship funds that benefit students in Lexington, Nebraska and Dawson County. 


The scholarship application period for 2022-2023 is now open. Please visit to submit an application.

Students must create an account on Academic Works (no paper applications for Local or Lexington Community Foundation scholarships).

Go to Blackbaud Award Management by clicking HERE to start the application process.

1. Create an account. Use your non-school email.

2. Complete all information pertaining to high school (not collegiate).

3. You must have an answer with those items with an asterisk (*).

4. Current student status is “I am currently a High School senior.”

5. High School students are required to have two (2) recommenders. Enter EMAIL information for the recommenders who are teachers or from outside the school who is not a relative of the family. Please read the scholarship description, as specifics to this requirement can be found there.

6. There is no upload for a resume. Instead, list up to six highlights in the areas marked:


Volunteerism/community service


The 2022/2023 application season deadline is Tuesday, February 28, 2023.


The information provided will qualify students for scholarships. You will find the scholarships you are matched with under the My Applications tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the Current heading.

Other scholarships that require additional information will also be listed. These can be found under the Opportunities tab at the top of the page. Select Recommended to find these scholarships. Once the information is provided, the student will be eligible for consideration. If a scholarship has an Apply button means there are one or more short answers that need to be answered to be considered by that particular Review Committee.


See a list of 2022 scholarship awardees HERE.

To see the list of available awards administered by LCF click HERE.

For questions about Lexington Community Foundation's scholarships, please contact our Scholarship Committee by emailing or call the Foundation office at 308-324-6704.

Special Thank You to this Year's Event Sponsors