Who We Are

Mission & History

mission is to inspire generosity to strengthen our community.

Our vision is to have a community where all people thrive.

Founded in 1982, Lexington Community Foundation is the definitive resource for giving in the Lexington, Nebraska area. We have long, deep ties to the local community. Our work is informed by 40 years of networking with our area’s most respected philanthropists. We maintain an unparalleled understanding of local needs and issues through regular dialogue with Lexington’s nonprofit organizations to gain a first-hand understanding of the most effective programs and strategies.

"What I think makes Lexington great is the diversity we have in our community. There are a lot of people of different cultures and values... You can feel welcome in this community knowing that we are all different and we value those differences." - Edvin Ramirez-Carrillo

"This community means home to me... when I came here it means a lot having the support." -Hodan Waberi

"Growing up here the community really got behind me as a student in any activity to do with school or outside of school. Moving back here now...getting involved in those community organizations that back those kids...It has kind of come full circle for me." -Cam Smith

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