mission is to inspire generosity to strengthen our community.
Our vision is to have a community where all people thrive.

The free hot meals program has had such a positive impact on the Lexington community. 7,300 meals have been handed out or delivered over the last two weeks. The decision has been made to continue the program for an additional four weeks. We are also needing volunteers to help hand out and deliver meals on these dates. Sign up to volunteer here - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040A4FA8A823AAF94-hotmeals.

Stop by and see us anytime at the newly remodeled Foundation office.  

In an effort to save on costs, we will be sending LCF correspondence, like the Newsletter, via email. If you would prefer receiving paper copies in the mail, please send us a message at office@lexfoundation.org.

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