The Lexington Community Foundation exists to encourage and strengthen philanthropy in order to provide a permanent source of funding for opportunities to improve the quality of life, strengthen the sense of community, benefit future generations in Lexington, Nebraska.

Lexington Community Foundation

Key ‘17

The Lexington Community Foundation Board of Directors and staff thanks everyone associated with the Key for their gracious generosity and show of support. This year was the 16th annual Key event. We raised more than $290,000, bringing the accumulative total of all Key events to $3.48M.

Contributions and donations obviously contributed to the success of Key ’17, but sometimes serve another purpose. We use the proceeds from this event to create and expand programs and initiatives that encourage even more participation from members of the community. There is an exponential impact from each gift given, ticket purchased or auction item won. It’s astonishing! Participation in the Key event at any level positively impacts the lives of many in our community.

Thank You to all of our patrons. You are part of the success of this foundation.

Foundation 2017 Event Sponsorship

The LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Board appreciates your support of the Foundation and its activities throughout the years. We recognize that our success in being able to raise money through our annual events is directly related to the support you provide us.

We invited you to partner with us for the remainder of 2017. Your sponsorship will help dozens of projects, both large and small, and thousands of people will benefit. The Foundation firmly believes that communities should feel great about being generous together. Lexington accomplishes that!

We thank you for the many ways you continue to support the Foundation. 

2017 Foundation Premier Event Sponsors:

Foundation Forum