The Lexington Community Foundation exists to encourage and strengthen philanthropy in order to provide a permanent source of funding for opportunities to improve the quality of life, strengthen the sense of community, benefit future generations in Lexington, Nebraska.


Dear Friends,

As this year draws to a close, we pause to give thanks for those who have changed our lives and to reflect on all that is right with the world. In our corner of the world, we have a lot that is right.

Patrons and friends of the LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, you have done many amazing things this year. From capital projects to charitable causes, you have been generous, tireless supporters of good. You have sacrificed and given much of yourselves to touch lives and leave a lasting legacy of philanthropy.

When we give, we are changed for the good. We cherish the friendships made and the bonds of community strengthened. We are blessed with the ability to give back and to work with each of you to determine the needs of our community.

It is with our sincerest thanks and heartfelt good will that we wish you and yours a blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas,
Amy Biehl-Owens, President

Foundation Event Sponsorship

The Lexington Community Foundation Board (LCF) appreciates your support of the Foundation and its activities throughout the years. We recognize that our success in being able to raise money through our annual events is directly related to the support you provide us.

Over $8.5 million has been distributed back into Lexington and the Johnson Lake area since 1996 by the Foundation. Dozens of projects, both large and small, and thousands of people have benefited.

We invite you to partner with the Lexington Community Foundation in support of our 2014 community events. The Foundation feels that by obtaining annual event sponsors, we have helped maximize the impact your donor dollars have in this community.  We hope you feel the same.  You are definitely a part of our success!

We thank you again for your support and partnership in 2014. 

2014 Foundation Premier Event Sponsor:

Lexington Family Dentistry

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