The Lexington Community Foundation exists to encourage and strengthen philanthropy in order to provide a permanent source of funding for opportunities to improve the quality of life, strengthen the sense of community, benefit future generations in Lexington, Nebraska.


The Foundation will pay $70,100 in educational funding to twenty-six (26) high school graduating students and thirty-seven (37) college students for the 2017-2018 school year.


  • Alumni Scholarship – High School: Landon Mader
  • Warren & Leta Batie Scholarship: Jennifer Quinteros 1st year, Joelly Anderson 2nd year, Maritza Pleitez 3rd year, Makenzie Hammond 4th year
  • Richard Brown Memorial Scholarship: Jesus (Jesse) Ramirez
  • Class of ‘77 Scholarship: Jonas Martin
  • Ann Crawford Alexander Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlyn West
  • Brian D. Eilers Memorial Scholarship: Jake Lammers
  • Lillian Hansen Memorial Scholarship: Emelin Ortega
  • Housel Family Scholarship: Joel Burkholder 1st year, Trevor McKeone 2nd year, Alyssa Leger 3rd year, Paola Briones 4th year
  • Neal Kohl Memorial Scholarship: Esmeralda Mora
  • Lexington Community Foundation Annual Scholarship: Trey Fago & Chris Rogers 1st year, Eva Martin & Jesus Reynalda Ramirez 2nd year, Chandler Flynn & Leesa Gierhan 3rd year, Kelby O’Meara & Katelin Schultze 4th year
  • LCF / CCC: Anabell Navarrete-Rivera
  • Lexington Optimist Club Service to Youth Scholarship – 2 Year: Jonas Martin
  • Lexington Optimist Club Service to Youth Scholarship – 4 Year: Jennifer Quinteros
  • James D. Miller Memorial: Leah Treffer 1st year, Sam Seberger 2nd year, Kolin Kenton 3rd year, Haley Rogers 4th year
  • Ruth Edna Reynolds Montgomery Memorial: Evan Neben
  • Otto & Esther Murdock Scholarship: Myrna Paloma Borjon-Gutierrez
  • Raymond (Ike) Neff Memorial: Danielle Christensen
  • Norman W. & Shirley A. Reynolds: Blaire Edeal
  • Liz Richardson Service Award: Danielle Lindeman
  • Athea Roberts Memorial Scholarship: Thalia Mora
  • Lexington Education Association / Karen Robinson Memorial: Makayla Derrick & Baily Wooley
  • Gary Shubert Memorial: Clay Hernandez
  • Francelene Skinner Memorial: Stephanie Cabarcas & Esmeralda Mora
  • TeamMates Scholarship: Anabell Navarrete-Rivera
  • Shirley Trautman Memorial: Esmeralda Mora
  • Janelle VerMaas Memorial Scholarship: Evan Neben
  • Robert & Barbara Wade 4-yr Scholarship: Ashtyn Decker 1st year, Kaelyn Pack 2nd year, Sheridan Rieke 3rd year, Ashlee Barrientos 4th year
  • Robert & Barbara Wade 2-yr Scholarship: Anabell Navarrete-Rivera 1st year, Bianca Gomez 2nd year
  • Charles A. Walker Memorial: Yenifer Herrera


  • Alumni Scholarship: Chandler Flynn, Ellie Hobelman & Christian Jacobo
  • Emerson Memorial Scholarship: Coleman Evans
  • Edsel Newman Scholarship: Kevin Tobias
  • Norall Scholarship Trust: Glorisel Alcantar, Joelly Anderson, Molly Berke, Kaylee Beyea, Chandler Flynn, Kyle Gibbens, Abigail Martinez, Mackenzie McKeone, Trevor McKeone, Janae Wiggins Thomas, Madelyn Vogel & Courtney Wenburg
  • Pat Ruppe Scholarship: Halle Gydesen
  • Mark and Vera Turner Scholarship: Trevor McKeone, Brian Ramallo, Katelin Schultze & Kevin Ward
  • Byron & Bessie Wightman Collegiate Scholarship: Erin Green 1st year, Haley Rogers 2nd year
  • John & Jan Wightman Collegiate Scholarship: Joelly Anderson 1st year, Makenzie McKeone 2nd year

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Find scholarships that are right for you and your secondary education needs. Search our Scholarship pages and find which ones will work for you. Please review the scholarship description carefully for the application deadline and the complete list of requirements. Click the links below to view the scholarships and to download the description and application for each one. Updates continue to be made: Check Back Often

HS 2-Year Program Scholarships
HS 4-Year Program Scholarships
Collegiate Scholarships.

Investing In Our Future

When you contribute to a scholarship fund through the Lexington Community Foundation, your philanthropic dollars go further because they are leveraged by the contributions of others. You benefit from the Lexington Community Foundation’s knowledge of effective strategies and you can give with the confidence that your gift will make a real impact.

The Lexington Community Foundation Scholarship Funds

Giving to established scholarship programs is the most flexible way to give. Lexington Community Foundation administers several scholarship funds that are open to all types of students – from high school seniors to current college students, returning students and “nontraditional” students. Your gift will be directed to a qualified recipient who demonstrates the greatest financial need, outstanding community involvement and academic promise. Programs exist for recipients to use scholarships at a community college, four-year college or university, trade or vocational school. Lexington Community Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews eligibility and selection criteria, so you know your gift will always be put to its best use.

Targeted scholarship funds

Whether it’s directed to a specific area such as sports or arts or a specific field of study such as nursing or engineering, the Lexington Community Foundation has many scholarship funds geared towards specific interests. By contributing to a targeted scholarship fund, you can match your personal interests and maximize your impact by combining your gift with those of other donors. You can make a selection from the list of targeted scholarships listed here on our web site or obtain the list by calling the Foundation at (308) 324-6704.

Establish an individualized scholarship fund

If you’re passionate about an area of study or group of students and cannot find a targeted fund that is a good fit, you may consider an individualized scholarship fund. Individualized scholarship funds allow you to identify the area of focus, whether you want to support a particular field of study or a specific type of student.

Supporting scholarships through the Lexington Community Foundation can be a rewarding and convenient way to assist students who match your philanthropic interests, such as local students in need, students from a specific background or those pursuing a certain field of study.

For more information about arranging tax deductible scholarship fund donations, with the Lexington Community Foundation, contact our office at: (308) 324-6704
We will answer your questions and guide you through the process!

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When applying for scholarships please remember – INCOMPLETE