The Lexington Community Foundation exists to encourage and strengthen philanthropy in order to provide a permanent source of funding for opportunities to improve the quality of life, strengthen the sense of community, benefit future generations in Lexington, Nebraska.


The Lexington Community Foundation (LCF) provides financial assistance for programs and/or projects, which will enhance the quality of life for all residents of the community and the surrounding area. The Executive Committee will evaluate Grant applications. If the grant meets the eligibility requirements, the Committee will recommend the grant for approval by the Board of Directors.

LCF is a “community foundation” meaning we collect and administer charitable funds. We channel gifts from donors to a variety of nonprofit organizations. LCF serves the area in three ways:
1) seeking and soliciting gifts and bequests from individuals, families, corporations and other not-for-profit organizations;
2) managing assets for preservation of principal, optimum return and perpetuity of the donor’s intentions;
3) distributing funds through grants.

The following grant guidelines and application form pertain to requests from the unrestricted assets of the LCF. Unrestricted assets are those assets that have not been designated for a specific purpose or beneficiary and over which the LCF Board of Directors has full discretion.

Please read all of the information provided before preparing an application for a grant.

Lexington Community Foundation
607 North Washington • P.O. Box 422
Lexington, NE 68850
(308) 324-6704


~ $6 million in total LCF assets.
~ $12+ million in cumulative grant distributions.
~ $1.7 million in LCF unrestricted funds, of which $1.28 million is permanently endowed.
~ 7.58% historic return on investments (17yr).
~ 14.8% 5yr return on investments.
~ 75+ charitable funds.
~ $3.5 million distributed from Key events.
~ $2.6+ million distributed from
six GBL giving days.